Christian Dating – Finding a Match That Shares Your Faith

Dating Christian Couple

We host a lot of weddings and see how people meet here at the Black Bear Inn. So we wanted to give a shout out to a popular Christian Dating site that we see often from couples when they tell us how they met. So look over the post and give them a try if you are looking for that special someone!

Dating is defined as romantic or even intimate relationship stage where potential partner meet, initially as friends, aiming at assessing each others suitability of being committed in a relationship that may lead to marriage. The definition above clearly explains one of aims of the term dating it is usually for several reasons. This is generally used to say that the two people are meeting up to do any activity but there is a stage of measure to see if there is a mutual romantic interest.

Dating as a popular term could also be of two types, you’re either “hooking up” (something very casual, and with no certainty of any future plans) or you’re “dating” (getting to know more about each other, and of course hopefully going somewhere). At this phase, you are spending more time together and keeping up, through chats, calls and also planning your future together as well as considering marriage.

Christian Internet Dating

That said, the context of dating in this article is quite different as we are now in the era of online or internet dating. Everything about our social life has been taken online with millions upon millions of people connecting every minute. Internet or modern dating, professional matchmaking services as popularly used, are some of the modern methods of looking for partners and dating mates. Furthermore, a research by dating experts indicate that online dating can be a firm basis for successful marriage with lower rates of divorce and higher satisfaction levels than those who meet by traditional means.

There are thousands of secular dating websites for meeting different people ladies, guys of all races. However, with the emergence of online dating websites, other platforms classified under the Christian faith and popularly called Christian dating services have also begun to compete in the online dating space. An example of such Christian dating services is

Christian internet dating has grown so wide that it is usually considered as the go-to source or an alternative way for meeting Christian singles across the world. It has also proven impressive for Christian couples, with research showing huge success rates of marriage using Christian dating services. Here is an interview with Sam Moorcroft the founder of that has some tips as well.

For Christian singles, there are different dating sites available for you to choose from, ranging from high traffic sites of Christian singles to smaller, “niche” sites. is your number one choice for Christian singles. With hundreds of committed Christian members, it is a perfect platform to find a serious long-term Christian relationship.

And while it is easy to look online for dates, finding true love can be very difficult. It can especially be hard to find someone who has the same morals and belief system that you have. This is why the Christian dating websites are devoted to helping Christians meet with other Christians who share their values. Whether you are looking for love, friendship, or new Christians then head over a perfect platform for finding Christian singles that share your beliefs.

Although some secular dating websites in order to get attention of Christians across have also taken a step further to include allowing users to limit their search to just Christians, and just like a good number of (the Christian sites) usually give them the chance to define the particular denomination they are looking for in most cases.

Most of these sites also create a veritable avenue where men and women can easily assess like-mindedness before any conversation ensues.

Christian Dating at

Yes, you just have to explore in the right place. A website like is one of the best and top sites in the online space to find a partner or romantic success on the dating scene, regardless of age or even your romantic background. Your opportunity of getting someone or a partner who shares your beliefs are so high. So why wait?

You can easily find a partner who shares your passion for the gospel and Christianity. With standard online dating search parameters, there is a big opportunity for Christians to easily find the ideal friend or potential love interest.

Professional Christian dating websites, help Christian singles connect, emotionally, spiritually, and for the long-term.

Indeed, many Christians are now adapting to the social realities and turning to some of these Christian dating websites to search a long-term, and not just for any kind of partner but with aim of getting someone who is spiritually connected. Although, if done appropriately and wisely, could lead to a successful Christian marriage.

The Cliff House at Pikes Peak

The Cliff House Inn at Pikes Peak

Staying at the perfect inn is one of aspects you will want to consider for a relaxing getaway. It can be hard being away from home but with the right inn and the right location your vacation can feel like a dream. The most beautiful dreamlike inn you can stay at in Colorado is The Cliff House. This inn has a classic 1800s feel with modern features and a luxury style that you will make you never want to leave.

The Cliff House has 54 beautiful rooms each with its own character and design. One unique thing about The Cliff House is that no room is exactly the same. Some rooms even have special features such as fireplaces, steam showers, and spa tubs. The Cliff House has numerous types of rooms to choose from when staying there. These rooms include studios, juniors, deluxe, celebrity, and premier celebrity suites.

The Cliff House’s amenities include:

  • A fitness center
  • Six event spaces
  • A wine cellar

The Cliff House also offers free wifi throughout their inn and complimentary breakfasts.

Perhaps the best feature of The Cliff House though, is the dining experiences they offer. The Cliff House offers three different The Cliff House Dining Roomdining options for you the Dining Room, the Veranda Dining, and the Red Mountain Bar & Grill. The Cliff House inn has been recognized for its award winning food and is a big reason why you will never want to leave. To go along with the amazing food they offer The Cliff House is also known for their 800+ wine selection at The Wine Cellar. The combination of their food and their wine has won them awards and recognition by big time magazines.

Another amazing thing about The Cliff House is that it’s not just an inn, it is also a wedding venue for many couples. It’s six event spaces gives their guest many options on what type of setting they would like to hold their wedding. The Cliff House can accommodate up to 150 people for big weddings and as little as 30 people for smaller more intimate weddings. They also offer numerous packages to make your wedding day special. These wedding packages include the reception hall, cocktail hour location, honeymoon suite, and catering. Weddings at The Cliff House are incredibly beautiful because of the amazing view provided by Pikes Peak and the stunning environment of Colorado.

The Cliff House is located in Manitou Springs, Colorado at the foot of Pikes Peak and has a rich background that draws in many guest along with the view. Before Colorado was even a state, The Cliff House was know as “The Inn”. to the locals and passing by travelers. It was built about 150 years ago when the mines in Colorado were on the rise and the miners were pouring in. Throughout history The Cliff House has been a vacation inn for many wealthy guest including Charles Dickens Jr. and Thomas Edison. The unique history of The Cliff House and the beauty of Pikes Peaks makes it a gorgeous inn for your relaxing vacation away.

When staying at The Cliff House there are many adventures to be taken. Pikes Peak offers a variety of activities including rock climbing, hot air ballooning, and biking. If you are looking for less physical activities the Cheyenne Zoo and the Garden of the Gods are nearby.

If you do decide to stay at The Cliff House they are currently running a special that will allow you to save 15% when you book early and stay four or more nights. The Cliff House is a very popular inn so book now before it is too late!